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Data Warehouse

Opsview Data Warehouse (ODW)

The Opsview Data Warehouse, or ODW, is the long term storage for monitoring data. It converts the data from the Runtime database into an OLAP (On Line Analytical Processing) datawarehouse format. When generating reports, the data comes from the Opsview Data Warehouse.

A core requirement for a datawarehouse is to not normalise the data too much, yet still allow queries to be easily created. As you'll see, hopefully we will have reached this target.


The datawarehouse pulls data in once an hour. It works out if there have been any configuration changes and stores those if required. It then saves various Runtime information before calculating the summary statistics.

Distributed Monitoring

ODW calculates information based on the central Opsview Runtime database. Any Collectors monitoring remote sites will automatically send their information to the Orchestrator which updates the central database, and hence will be captured in ODW as well.

Easily store long term monitoring data

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