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Disaster Recovery

Opsview Disaster Recovery Feature

If you have a major outage within your IT estate such as a network or site failure, then restoring your monitoring capabilities will be one of the first things you need to do. With monitoring back in place, you will quickly gain insight into what has been affected by the outage and can target your resources to get your IT – and your business – back up and running.

Opsview Monitor Disaster Recovery (DR) provides a ‘warm standby’ instance, that can operate over long distance making it possible to have DR infrastructure a safe distance away from the production environment.


  • Critical business service recovery from IT outage
  • Controlled switch-over to physically-remote Opsview Monitor instance
  • Time saving and error reduction through the provision of a Disaster Recovery playbook
  • Performance tuning of your Opsview Monitor implementation
  • Best Practice knowledge transfer to your IT team

What’s in the box

Opsview Monitor DR is a complete software and services package. With your IT team, an Opsview consultant will review your Opsview Monitor system, understand your DR needs, and recommend your optimal configuration.

If needed, our experts will upgrade you to the latest version of Opsview Monitor, and will then ensure that your installation is performance-tuned for optimal monitoring. We will then work hand-in-hand with your IT team to deploy, configure and test your DR installation to the reference architecture below.

Opsview Monitor Disaster Recovery includes all of the additional licenses that are needed to create your DR installation, and a DR playbook is provided to be executed to bring your DR installation online and resume monitoring of your IT estate in a known and controlled sequence.

Reference Architecture

Opsview Disaster Recovery Reference Architecture

Optimal configuration

In order to minimize the recovery time, it is important to consider the physical location of the primary and secondary IT monitoring instances, and of the operational processes required to recover from a disaster. Opsview will advise on this during the initial review. Performance tuning of your monitoring system, and then testing of your DR system, will allow you to determine your particular recovery time and capture the service level agreement (SLA) that you will be able to provide to your business.

Due to the requirements for physical distancing of the two instances, and the careful, controlled processes for failover, Opsview Monitor DR is not intended to provide live, high availability capability. If you require this, Opsview provides an Opsview Monitor High Availability software-and-services package for such situations.

Opsview Monitor DR works by replicating the monitoring database. The second database is used in restoring the monitoring capability.

Professional services packages

The required expert Opsview professional services are all included in the fee for Opsview Monitor Disaster Recovery due to the critical nature of installation, configuration and performance. The duration will depend on the size and complexity of your Opsview Monitor system, and will typically be 3-5 days.

Why get Disaster Recovery with your Opsview subscription?

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