How does multitenancy help your MSP?

Many Customer Views with Single-System Efficiency

Administer and scale a single Opsview system while giving each tenant a highly-individualized, secure user experience. Give your customers broad powers to explore and customize or more constrained access to a subset of features you prescribe.

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Opsview Business Service Monitoring
Opsview Website Monitoring Dashboard

Fine-Grained Role-Based Access

Fine-grained role-based access lets you permission tenants (and lets tenants permission their users) to maximize productivity while protecting service check configurations, dashboards, and other critical elements from human error and misuse.

Customizable Dashboards

Multitenancy for any Organization

Engineered for MSPs with many customers, Opsview multitenancy can also be applied in other kinds of businesses to deliver a unique monitoring experience to departments, subsidiaries, or other stakeholder groups.

MSP Monitoring

Opsview Infrastructure Monitoring Investigation Dashboard

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