Opsview Network Topology

Network Topology

  • Gain a complete picture of your network via automation
  • Discover unknown and disconnected hosts
  • Uncover network misconfigurations
  • Reduce risk and improve your security posture
  • Save costs by decommissioning disconnected or unused devices

Network Topology is available as part of the Network Analyzer add-on module.

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Flow Collector Module

This module enables the collection and analysis of flow-enabled network devices, such as NetFlow from Cisco routers, sFlow from HP Switches and more.

The main benefit of flow protocols such as NetFlow and sFlow is that they allow you to look 'inside' the connection to see not only 'That link is 95% utilized', but to understand WHY. For example, is a user downloading large files continuously or is a router misconfigured?

Flow Module currently supports the three main flow protocols:                                                                             

  • NetFlow
  • jFlow.                                                                           
  • sFlow

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NetAudit Module

An extra module that is installed as part of the Network Analyzer, the NetAudit section allows you to view and compare backups of network device configuration, or to see if any configuration changes have been made. This is also a great place to securely back up your configs.


The Missing Dimension

As applications become more distributed, insight into network communications among components is increasingly critical to interpreting and understanding host metrics. Network Analyzer fills in this missing dimension for a more complete operational picture.

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Collect and Backup

Opsview's NetAudit Module allows you to easily backup any network configurations, giving you the right information visible on one of our dynamic dashboards. As well as alerting you of any changes that have been made.

Granular Data Insight

Network Analyzer allows insight into the protocol usage on a network, data transfers that are saturating the network, the end nodes that are transmitting and receiving data, and more.

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Opsview Network Topology