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For organizations of all sizes. Starts from 150 hosts and scales to 50,000+ hosts.
Starts from $10£89 € per host per month*



For organizations & MSPs with more than 400 hosts that need to deploy on-premises. Scales to 50,000+ hosts.
Starts from $6.25£5.105,75 € per host per month*



For organizations with less than 300 hosts that need to deploy on-premises. Purchase online with a 1-year subscription plan.

Autodiscovery / AutoMonitor   check   check   check
Automated Deployment   check   check   check
Business Service Monitoring   check   check   check
Event Handlers   check   check   check
Dashboards   check   check   check
Graph Center   check   check   check
Historical Data Storage   check   check   check
End-to-end encryption   check   check   check
SNMP Traps   check   check   check
Opspacks   check   check   check
Supports Nagios® plugins   check   check   check
Multi-tenancy   check   check   clear
Brand customization   check   check   clear
Public Cloud
(AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform)
  check   check   check
Operating Systems
(Linux/Unix and Windows)
  check   check   check
On-Premises Infrastructure
(Servers, Storage and Networking)
  check   check   check
(Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and more)
  check   check   check
(Docker, Kubernetes)
  check   check   check
Virtualized Environments
(VMware and Hyper-V)
  check   check   check
Network Devices
(Switches, Routers, Bridges, Firewalls, Gateways and more)
  check   check   check
Dev Tools and Applications
(Jenkins, Puppet, Elasticsearch, Salesforce and more)
  check   check   check
Service Desk / Incident Management / Collaboration
(Jira, SalesForce, VictorOps, PagerDuty, ServiceNow)
  check   check   check
Log Analytics, SIEM
(Splunk, Elastic Stack)
  check   check   check
(Mobile, Email, OTRS, Slack, Twilio, and more)
  check   check   check
Automation Frameworks / Automated Deployment
(Ansible and Puppet)
  check   check   check
24/7   check   Optional   clear
Dedicated success manager   check   check   clear
Upgrades, patches, OS   Opsview
Availability SLA & Disaster Recovery   Opsview
  Optional   clear
Host coverage   150 to
  300 to
  Less than 300
Reporting for business and auditing needs   check   check   Optional
Scalability with data collectors   check   check   Optional
Network Analyzer   check   Optional   Optional
Billing   Billed annually up front.
Volume discounts available.
  Billed annually up front.
Volume discounts available.
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A Host is any monitored device, in a physical environment such as a router, switch or server or in a virtualized environment a Host would be each Virtual Machine with a unique IP address.
All the information you need for the SMB plan's tiers, premium features and web-based training is available on the Opsview Webstore. Once you’ve decided which SMB plan package best fits your needs, you can purchase directly through our Webstore using a credit or debit card, PayPal or by requesting an invoice.
To discuss the Opsview Monitor Enterprise Plan, please contact our sales team.
Opsview Monitor Enterprise Plan and SMB Plan customers are billed annually in advance. MSP customers can take advantage of our flexible charging model that matches our fees to your actual usage, with a base pack billed annually and a quarterly overage charge. We invoice in GB Pounds, US Dollars, and Euros. Pricing excludes 20% VAT which will be added for UK/EU customers. To find out more, see our full terms & conditions.
Have a chat with our Opsview experts. They’ll review your business needs, future requirements, your IT complexity and make recommendations.
We offer web-based training courses for all our customers and on-site training for Enterprise and MSP customers. Remote and on-site professional services are available to all our customers. More details can be found here or you can contact us to discuss in more detail.
For Opsview Monitor SMB Plan renewal notices will be sent via email 90 days prior to your expiry date. To renew online, log in at Opsview.com. Access your subscriptions from the ‘My Account’ tab at the top homepage. For Opsview Monitor Enterprise Plan renewal notices will be sent 90 days prior to your expiry date and your Account Manager will contact you to help process your renewal.
Your subscription can be upgraded from your account at Opsview.com anytime during your subscription year.
Opsview's Business Service Monitoring (BSM) allows you to create groupings of hosts and services like Hashtags but take it further. BSM allows you to alert on the health of a service, rather than an individual Service Check. For example, if you have a database and a replica set up, the database service can still be considered OK if one of them fails, but CRITICAL if they both fail. BSM allows you to easily see the overall status of your high-level services, giving a much broader view of your overall service status rather than just viewing individual host status. You can see the status of Business Services in the dedicated BSM view or using dashlets within the dashboards. Just like Hashtags, Business Service Monitoring can be used in the reporting module to generate reports. Since BSM understands the system dependencies and relationships, real SLA reports can be generated, no need for manual calculations.

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