Monitoring with Opsview Monitor SMB Plan

Opsview Monitor SMB Plan has been specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses, and is perfect for organizations who need to monitor up to 300 Hosts. Monitor all of your on-premise and cloud applications from within a single view, improving your efficiency and freeing up time for projects that add value to your business.


Resolve Issues Before Impact  

Designed to ensure service uptime, Opsview Monitor SMB Plan's flexible notifications alert users to problems relating to hosts, service checks, business services or components and allows IT teams to anticipate and resolve issues before users are impacted. Specify how and when you're notified via one of the many built-in notification methods and use configurable dashboards to see exactly what you need and then drill down into more detail.  

Opsview Monitor Dashboards

Comprehensive Coverage

Monitor your infrastructure and applications, running on-premise or in the cloud, all within a single product. Opsview Monitor SMB Plan works with a wide range of Opspacks, pre-configured host templates and integrations and works with over 3500 Nagios-compatible plugins and service checks. This makes it easy to monitor everything from Docker and VMware to Amazon Web Services, Hyper-V and more. 

Opsview Monitor Integrations


Monitor the Cloud

Opsview's cloud monitoring tools allow IT teams to run service checks and schedule tasks, simplifying issue detection, metric tracking and providing more robust monitoring coverage. Opsview monitors many popular AWS services included EC2, S3 and Route 53 as well as SaaS based help desks, such as ServiceCloud and PagerDuty.

Server Monitoring Overview
Business Service Monitoring

Integrate your Operations

Easily integrate Opsview with your current operational tools, such as help desk, service management, automation, and notification tools, using Opsview’s built-in Integrations or build your own integration using Opsview’s powerful REST API.

Opsview Monitor SMB Plan Functionality