The Reporting module brings report creation and automation capabilities to the Opsview Cloud, Enterprise, SMB, and MSP Plans. Based on JasperReports, the module creates reports for your customers and internal groups.

Server Monitoring Dashboard

Opsview Data Warehouse

The Opsview Data Warehouse (ODW) is the long term storage for monitoring data. It converts the data from the Runtime database into an On Line Analytical Processing data warehouse format. When generating reports, the data comes from the ODW.


Out-of-the-box Reports

There are a range of reports available to you out-of-the-box in Opsview, such as performance reports, SLA reports, and events reports. These reports can be run either daily, weekly, monthly or yearly - and can be rebranded with your company logo, along with other customizable fields.

Default Reports

Application Monitoring Opspacks
Server Monitoring Overview

Customizing Reports

Some of the default reports can be modified to suit individual business needs. Once you have generated you report, you can choose to download it as a .pdf, .xlsx, .docx or in a number of other formats - allowing you to email it to customers, management, or anybody else that may want to make use of the data.

Create a custom report

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