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Opsview Customer Success
With Opsview's customer support, what we do and say will have a lasting impact on the success of our customers' monitoring projects and on their...
Results Exporter lets you filter outbound messages
Opsview Results Exporter outputs messages to log servers and analytics platforms. Learn how you can filter those results for lower data volume.
Conway's Game of Life in one line of APL - one of the hardest-to-read programs ever written
A consistent coding style makes production code more readable and usable. Here are some tools that Opsview uses to keep our Python and Perl codebases...
Results Exporter lets Opsview 6.1 users integrate with Splunk and other analytics platforms
The Results Exporter component makes it easy to export your results out of Opsview for ingestion into analytics applications like Splunk. 
Evolution of Software and Observability
With rapid evolution happening across the software and operations spectrum, most larger organizations today find themselves managing technologically ...
Evolution of Software and Observability
Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) is what happens when a DevOps team adopts all the best practice recommended so far:
Nagios vs the competion
One issue that almost all development teams face is how to effectively migrate from one framework or technology to another.
Evolution of Software and Observability
In 2016, Google released an interesting and much-discussed book written by members of its internal DevOps team.
Evolution of Software and Observability
Software is eating the world in part because it leverages and enables powerful methods for automating tasks without re-inventing the wheel.
A new architecture lets Opsview Monitor 6.0 scale to millions of service checks
Opsview v6's new architecture dramatically enhances performance, scalability, and resilience while preserving 100% Nagios® plugin compatibility.
A new architecture lets Opsview Monitor 6.0 scale to millions of service checks monitoring architecture capabilities, improved scale and performance, and...
Microservices let Opsview Monitor 6.0 handle tens of thousands of hosts and millions of service checks
Opsview Monitor 6 breaks scale benchmarks -- up to 50,000 hosts and over 1 million service checks on a six-node cluster.
Velocity NYC 2018
A host of SaaS-based services provide powerful new capabilities for devs who want to stay agile while scaling big
Evolution of Software and Observability
If you work around technology – or even if you just read about it – you’ve doubtless heard the term “agile”.
Alex Burzynski, Chief Architect, on Opsview Monitor 6.0's microservice/messaging architecture
Opsview Monitor 6's microservices monitoring for enterprises and service providers improves scale and automated lifecycle management.
Evolution of Software and Observability
Because software defines the leading edge of what we can do with technology, it has always been a domain of innovation.
How Opsview added JIRA notifications on Slack to increase efficiency in the engineering team. 
SQL Server Monitoring
A full guide on using InfluxDB as a time series provider for Opsview Monitor and Opsview Cloud. 
Monitoring tools in Linux
A guide on how to improve the performance of concurrent inserts with MySQL. 
Monitoring tools in Linux
Opsview's Python project structure that provides a "place for everything" and the flexibility to work efficiently both for development and production...