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Enterprise Monitoring Strategies

From increasingly complex security threats to evolving enterprise technologies, there are all sorts of factors that have a major impact on what is needed out of enterprise monitoring. Modern IT departments need to be equipped with the right tools that not only have high functionality and compatibility, but can also keep up with the ever-growing demands of your environment. 

Every enterprise organization has a unique set of priorities and requirements surrounding the monitoring of its infrastructure. However, there are several common features within the best enterprise monitoring solutions which ensure you are prepared to handle anything that comes your way. Here are five essential aspects of modern enterprise monitoring software. 

Monitoring that supports your business

1. Easy implementation

The first and one of the most important aspects of any enterprise monitoring software is its ability to be seamlessly implemented into your existing infrastructure. It is common for many enterprises to work with multiple monitoring vendors who specialize in different areas, thereby offering a varying set of benefits. But when it is time to bring all your monitoring efforts under one roof, it’s vital for the software to easily integrate with other applications that you don’t want to be disturbed. System scalability is significant during both the initial implementation (especially if you are moving from legacy systems) as well as down the road when your infrastructure naturally grows. 

2. Alerting and notifications that reduce downtime

The cost of downtime is something that IT organizations know all too well. While monitoring software of the past may have informed you when a service outage occurred, it is essential for modernized solutions to offer instantaneous alerts that immediately tell you about any issues before they impact other parts of the business. This becomes increasingly important with larger-scale security threats and data breaches looming over enterprises which can’t afford to suffer the consequences of substantial downtime. By having proper alerting and notifications built into your enterprise network monitoring, it ensures you are being proactive in keeping your IT environment secure and running at full speed.   

3. Promotes productivity 

No sysadmin wants to deal with unnecessary maintenance that takes up resources which could be used for more strategic initiatives. By utilizing monitoring software which automates simple, yet potentially time-consuming processes, the productivity of your IT department automatically increases. The best solutions allow you to customize, fine-tune, and adjust your maintenance needs as necessary and, ultimately, will result in greater efficiency for the end-user who can then place their focus on tasks rooted in innovation rather than ‘baby-sitting’.   

4. Provides increased knowledge and visibility of your infrastructure 

It’s never ideal when your monitoring efforts become mundane and repetitive, i.e. endlessly starting at the same screen with no new information or data points to show for it. Monitoring software that stands out from the competition does so by providing increased knowledge and greater visibility into your infrastructure. With features such as easily viewable dashboards and intuitive reports at your disposal, you can learn crucial details regarding the health of your network. 

Keeping your IT environment at ‘status quo’ isn’t enough these days. It is essential for your monitoring solution to be robust and intelligent enough to offer actionable insights that can be used to enhance the overall performance of the business. 

5. Ensures compliance 

Compliance is an aspect that cannot be overlooked when it comes to enterprise monitoring software. IT organizations are expected to comply with a wide variety of regulatory/industry standards which require reporting and audit support. A monitoring solution with built-in compliance capabilities proves to be invaluable when measuring business costs, especially when dealing with sensitive areas such as personal finances, health and other confidential information. Compliance issues may not come up every day, but when they do, you’ll be happy you have enterpise monitoring tools that help eliminate some of the stress normally involved in the process. 

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