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BinckBank N.V. is an online bank for investors. BinckBank is a market-leader in online banking in the Netherlands and Belgium. As an online broker, BinckBank offers its customers fast and low-cost access to all major financial markets world-wide.

BinckBank N.V. is one of the most successful young players in the Dutch financial landscape. They focus on services for online private and professional investors.

They are an ambitious, productive and decisive company that is not afraid of new initiatives.

The Need for Opsview

Following a recent merger between two existing banks a consolidation of all BinckBank's IT systems was required. As part of this exercise, they decided to implement a cost effective monitoring system for their trading platform.

Opsview was able to design and deploy a proof of concept system in four days to demonstrate that they fully met BinckBank’ evaluation criteria. The same process was the applied to competing technologies and was found by BinckBank to take at least 2 weeks to implement.

Deployment and Result

The first phase of the deployment project was to monitor BinckBank’s development, test and acceptance environments. Following acceptance of these systems, Opsview was then successfully deployed to the live trading environment.

Following the acceptance of Opsview's systems, Opsview Monitor was deployed into the live trading environment. BinckBank's monitoring system was designed, delivered to time and budget and has been fully operational since February 2009.

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