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How to Make Sure Your University IT is Ivy League

Technology is changing every aspect of campus life. Students are bringing up to seven mobile devices to campus, faculty demands more from IT to support innovative educational tools, and administrators want to market a plugged-in campus that appeals to tech-savvy recruits. 

All the while, the number of devices that require network access – from smartphones to smart refrigerators – is on the rise. Can your campus IT network withstand the added bandwidth and IT load? And if something fails, how quickly will you be able to respond? 

This eBook examines the key factors changing the face of higher-ed IT and explains how enterprise-grade IT monitoring empowers you to run a more robust university network.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • How campuses are becoming more mobile and connected than ever
  • What to expect for the future of university IT
  • How MIT & Cornell University are modernizing IT monitoring systems
  • Why the future of university IT is about integration, consolidation and visibility

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