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Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty

Allianz Global Corporate and Speciality (AGCS) is the Allianz center of expertise for large corporate, industrial and specialty insurance. With a worldwide network serving more than 160 countries, Allianz has an exclusive focus on the needs of global corporate and specialty clients. Allianz offers global business insurance through a comprehensive service range for many different industries based all around the globe.

The Need For Opsview

Allianz was experiencing difficulty within their current server and application monitoring environments. There was a distinct lack of visual data and they required real time notifications and predictive performance analysis which could be based on trend figures.

AGCS required their IT infrastructure landscape to have monitoring for server health checks, service monitoring, self-heal, application availability and additional support for reporting and notifications.

They also had a bevy of different systems to monitor. Windows, RHEL, VMware ESXi and Apache were just a small selection of technologies that were essential to their infrastructure and needed to be constantly looked at due to their large network.

With 500 servers, 20 core switches and 5 UPS spread across 60 countries worldwide, including US, Germany and France to name a few. Allianz needed an adaptable and intuitive monitoring solution to support their business moving forward.

Deployment and Result

AGCS successfully rolled out complete installation of Opsview Enterprise after just 3 months and were achieving their primary monitoring goals by this time.

Jon Sardine, Global Head of IT Operations & Head of IT Americas, went on to say “We have been able to optimize Opsview to effectively monitor specific needs for our IT infrastructure. This has vastly improved our monitoring of server space and application health check. Notification alerts have also been useful for timely closing critical events.”

Overall, Allianz have seen great benefits since rolling out Opsview. All of these benefits are not only effective, but easy to use for easy adaptability.

"Server and application health monitoring, the service now connector for ticket assignment, notifications and alerts and web UI checks along with the customisable service checks make the entire system flexible and scalable for potential future growth." “Opsview’s support has always been very prompt and responsive. Overall the service has been great!” concluded Sardine.

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