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  • Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American multinational corporation headquartered in San Jose, California, that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment. Cisco is one of the largest network equipment manufacturers in the world and a fortune 500 company. They are listed as the number 12 world’s most valuable brands by Forbes.

The Need for IT Monitoring:

  • Previously using Nagios, Cisco was struggling to get the system deployed across the globe. With multiple labs, development operations teams and developers dotted around the world, Cisco was looking for a tool which would allow them to combine their monitoring into a single dashboard. Being a networking company in the technology sector led them to the realization of the need for customizable dashboards and a flexible, intuitive monitoring solution.
  • Due to the critical nature of the business, Cisco needed to be immediately aware if something went wrong. With all this currently missing from their business, it meant Cisco needed to start looking at alternative solutions with the overall goal being to run a sleek, distributed model globally. This included their virtualization platforms and extremely secure, internal private cloud. Their development team had to be able to add devices and monitor them individually, in a multi-tenant and secured environment.

Why Opsview Worked:

  • Opsview Enterprise offered Cisco an integrated GUI and advanced auto-discovery, meaning that configuration and migration would be very straight forward. The drag and drop dashboards would give Cisco the power to configure their monitoring in the way that best suited them.
  • Opsview helped Cisco gain a better overall picture of what’s going on across the whole organization. The rapid installation and deployment, combined with the easy to use GUI has made it easier for sysadmins who are not familiar with monitoring systems to add devices when needed.
  • Opsview’s Business Service Monitoring tool has had huge benefits by allowing Cisco to visualize which service will be impacted and running checks on who has actually been affected. It’s given them a quick overview to see who’s having a problem at the exact time its happening so it can be resolved quickly.

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