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's-Hertogenbosch Council


  • 's-Hertogenbosch is a medium sized city in the southern Netherlands. The city’s council is responsible for delivering data services to public servants throughout the province of North Brabant including the city guard, fire department and traffic signaling

The Need for IT Monitoring

  • Their IT team must ensure full, 24/7 performance of their 500+ server farm to ensure that their critical services keep running
  • Previous installation was difficult to set up and there was particular concern that only a few members of the team had any knowledge of how it was configured

Why Opsview Worked As a Solution

  • Provided a breadth of coverage and distributed architecture, which met their requirement to monitor a wide range of different technologies in multiple locations
  • Automated reporting tools proved to be ideal for providing senior managers with a high level overview of system health and performance against agreed service levels
  • Gives them a single view of their extensive, diverse IT estate and helps them identify problems long before they start having an impact on users

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