Opsview Network Monitoring Dashboard

Respond Faster

View real-time information for your network device activity. This is particularly useful on large networks as it can be used in place of active SNMP (where a device is polled for status information).

Network Monitoring

Easy Configuration

Devices can usually be configured to send specific types of trap such as link status changes, BGP, HSRP, and many others, making this a flexible monitoring option capable of running on 99.9% of network devices such as Cisco, Juniper, Dell, HP, and more.

Config Docs

Opsview Infrastructure Monitoring Investigation Dashboard
Opsview Business Service Monitoring

Service Checks

Each Service Check configured to accept SNMP traps has an ordered list of rules. Each rule is evaluated in turn. If a rule is false, then the next rule is evaluated. If a rule matches as true, the specified action is taken and no more rules for that Service Check are evaluated.

Service Check Docs