Infrastructure Monitoring Dashboard

Subscription Plans to Fit Your Budget

Opsview can be purchased using 3 different subscription plans. SMB is for smaller businesses that want to manage things themselves. Enterprise is for businesses that need that extra level of support and customization for larger IT estates. Cloud is for businesses that want to remove the headache of day-to-day monitoring management. 


Rapid Monitoring Development

With Opspacks, Opsview engineers can rapidly add new monitoring capabilities for your Opsview system. We are always gathering feedback from our customers on what new features they would like to see. 


Server Monitoring Overview
Server Monitoring Dashboard

Industry Leading Customer Support

Monitoring software without top-notch customer support isn't worth it. The Opsview Customer Success Team strives to create increasing value for our customers with their monitoring expertise. There's a reason why our team has an NPS score consistently over 90. 


Network Topology

  • Gain a complete picture of your network via automation
  • Discover unknown and disconnected hosts
  • Uncover network misconfigurations
  • Reduce risk and improve your security posture
  • Save costs by decommissioning disconnected or unused devices

Network Topology is available as part of the Network Analyzer add-on module.

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Network Topology Mesh
Network Monitoring Dashboard

Flow Collector & Net Audit Modules

The Network Analyzer allows insight into the protocol usage on a network, data transfers that are saturating the network, the end nodes that are transmitting and receiving data, packet loss, and more. Network Analyzer consists of two modules: Flow Collector and Net Audit.

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Cisco ACI Monitoring

We have just released an Opspack for monitoring Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure). If you have (or are planning) to use Cisco’s software-defined networking capability, then this comprehensive Opspack is essential.

Cisco ACI Monitoring

Cisco ACI Opspack

Network Monitoring Coverage