Infrastructure Monitoring Dashboard

VMWare Monitoring

You can't control what you can't see. Opsview allows you to have complete visibility of your VMware virtual machines no matter where they live.


Hyper-V Monitoring

Whether you're still running your Hyper-V virtual machines entirely on-premises or if you've moved them to the cloud, Opsview's Opspacks give you full-featured monitoring for all of it.


Business Service Monitoring

Automonitor VMware Express Scan

AutoMonitor Express Scan

AutoMonitor allows users to quickly and effortlessly discover and import hosts into their Opsview environment. The new wizard-based functionality simplifies and automates the scanning and configuration steps providing a fast and reliable way of maintaining continuous monitoring of your changing Enterprise landscape.

VMware vSphere Express Scan provides a configuration wizard to guide you through and quickly discover VMware objects (ESXi Hosts, VMs, Datastores, Resources Pools) within a given vCenter or ESXi Host and automatically import them into Opsview.


Virtual Machine Monitoring Challenges

vSphere Monitoring

Take control of your virtual machine monitoring with Opsview Cloud.