Office 365 Monitoring Dashboard

Office 365 Monitoring

Opsview comes with 6 Opspacks for monitoring Office 365 applications, including Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Skype. 


Azure Monitoring

As a way of gaining complete visibility into your Azure services, we have created Opspacks covering several Azure components. Each of these Opspacks collect important metrics and ensure your Azure services are running as expected.


Azure Monitoring Dashboard
Web Monitoring Dashboard

Active Directory Agentless Monitoring

Opsview allows you to have agentless monitoring for all the metrics you need to efficiently run a Microsoft AD Service, providing service checks for high level status information about services, threads, Security Accounts Manager, and Address Book, as well as important metrics for the Active Directory Replication status.


AutoMonitor Windows Express Scan

AutoMonitor allows users to quickly and effortlessly discover and import hosts into their Opsview environment. The new wizard-based functionality simplifies and automates the scanning and configuration steps providing a fast and reliable way of maintaining continuous monitoring of your changing Enterprise landscape.

Windows Express Scan provides a configuration wizard to guide you through and quickly discover Windows Active Directory computer objects (Hosts) within a given domain and automatically import them into Opsview Monitor.


AutoMonitor Express Scan

Windows Monitoring

If I need to monitor Windows services, aren't I just better off with a point solution?

Take control of your Windows monitoring with Opsview Cloud.