Opsview Releases New Bi-Directional Native Integration for ServiceNow

Integration Automatically Opens ServiceNow Incidents Based on Opsview Monitor Notifications
Jul 11, 2019
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Opsview, the company that unifies cloud and infrastructure monitoring, today announced new bi-directional native ServiceNow integration for Opsview Monitor. The new integration with ServiceNow provides an easy, out-of-the-box configuration which allows notifications from Opsview Monitor to be opened automatically as ServiceNow incidents. The incidents may be auto-resolved or closed based on host/service status, with easy control and management using the Opsview Monitor user interface.

Product Features

With new native support for the SaaS IT incident management system ServiceNow, Opsview Monitor delivers integrated ticketing, remediation and auto-resolution, simplifying operational processes while improving cross-department insight and action. The bi-directional integration is fully embedded into Opsview Monitor 6.1 and doesn’t require separate installation of the Service Desk Connector software module to install. Key features include:

  • Predefined notifications for ServiceNow for easy, out-of-the-box configuration
  • Options for variable configuration with support for manual notification scripting when pointing to separate ServiceNow instances
  • Dynamic support for multiple incident types and values

Once Opsview Monitor notifications have been integrated with ServiceNow, all ServiceNow incident management options are supported including logging incidents in the instance by sending email, classifying incidents by impact and urgency to prioritize work and assigning incidents to appropriate groups for quick resolution. Incidents can also be escalated as necessary, generate automated incident resolution notifications, and be included in comprehensive reporting to monitor, track and analyze services levels and improvements.


“ServiceNow is among the most popular IT service management solutions on the market,” said Scott Heyhoe, VP Product Management, Opsview. “By offering bi-directional native integration between ServiceNow and Opsview Monitor we are able to empower our mutual users with the integrated, automated service management experience they need to unlock greater productivity and operational performance.”


Bi-directional native integration for ServiceNow is available now to users of Opsview Monitor 6.1. for more information, visit: https://www.opsview.com/product/platform-integrations/service-desk-connectors/servicenow.

About Opsview

Opsview provides unified insight into dynamic IT operations on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid. Opsview is a modern, scalable monitoring platform that enables digital transformation. Opsview is trusted by hundreds of businesses, government organizations and service providers globally. Customers include Sky, Cisco, IBM, Comcast, Telefónica, PayPal, BT, Norfolk Southern, CIT, Fujitsu, HMRC and AAA. To find out more, visit www.opsview.com.

Media Contacts

Helen Carroll
Vice President, Marketing
+44 1183 249021

Erin Jones
Avista Public Relations for Opsview
+704 664-2170 opsview@avistapr.com

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