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Notification Methods are the medium through which you are notified regarding problems detected by the Opsview software.

By default, Opsview ships with the following Notification Methods and their setup is accessible on the Configuration > Notification Methods page.

Default Notification Methods within Opsview Monitor

Default Notification Methods within Opsview

Configuring Notification Methods

Some of these notifications require modification, i.e. the Push methods require a Username and password, Slack requires a Webhook URL and so forth. The modification of the Notification Methods is done via Configuration > Notification Methods.

Notification Method 'Run On' option

On a system with clusters configured, each notification method has a 'Run On' option. This option allows you to specify whether the notification method is run on:

  • Orchestrator
  • Collector

Some methods, such as 'Service Desk Connector' must be set to Orchestrator.


  • The advantage of running notifications from a Collector is that it is autonomous from the Orchestrator.
  • If you select Collector and the host that wants to send a notification is monitored by the Orchestrator server, then the notification will be sent from the Orchestrator server.
  • If a service is monitored by a Collector but the notification method is set to the Orchestrator, then the details of the notifications will be transferred to Orchestrator to be notified on.
  • There may be firewall restrictions to running a notification from a Collector.

Sent Notifications are visible in the Notifications View.

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