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APC UPS Monitoring

Requires Opsview Cloud or Opsview Monitor 6.6
Opsview Supported

APC Opspack

APC has become an industry-standard for reliable power and physical IT infrastructure. Working efficiently in IT departments of all sizes, APC's product suite is compromised of infrastructure, management, and data security solutions that protect organizations all over the world.

What You Can Monitor

The APC Opspack monitors the external temperature and status of an APC UPS unit.

Service Checks

Service Check Description
Status Status of APC Uninterruptible Power Supply
External temperature APC UPS external temperature probe reading


Ensure your Opsview Monitor version is at least 6.6.7. Check Opsview Release Notes for the latest version of Opsview Monitor.

Setup and Configuration

To configure and utilize this Opspack, you simply need to add the 'Infrastucture - APC' Opspack to your Opsview Monitor system.

Step 1: Add the Host Template

Add the Infrastucture - APC Host Template to your Opsview Monitor host.

For more information, refer to Opsview Knowledge Center - Adding Host Templates to Hosts.

Step 2: Enable SNMP

This opspack requires credentials to be setup in the SNMP tab

For more information, refert to Opsview Knowledge Center - SNMP Tab

Step 3: Apply changes and the system will now be monitored

APC Service Checks