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LDAP Monitoring

Requires Opsview Cloud or Opsview Monitor 6
Opsview Supported

LDAP Monitoring Opspack

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a software protocol for enabling anyone to locate organizations, individuals, and other resources such as files and devices in a network, whether on the public Internet or on a corporate intranet. Our LDAP integration ensures that all aspects of your systems are properly following LDAP protocols.

What You Can Monitor

Opsview includes all of the latest service checks to make sure your LDAP is online and running. Opsview can check LDAP service availability and LDAP replication status to help identify issues quickly. Maintaining LDAP availability ensures access to all major systems that are using LDAP credentials.

Service Checks

Service Check Description
LDAP Checks LDAP service availability
LDAP Replication Checks LDAP replication status

LDAP Monitoring Setup and Configuration

To configure and utilize this Opspack, you simply need to add the 'Network Services - LDAP' Opspack to your Opsview Monitor system.

Step 1: Add the Host Template

Add the Network Services - LDAP Host Template to your Opsview Monitor host.

For more information, refer to Opsview Knowledge Center - Adding Host Templates to Hosts.

Step 2: Apply changes and the system will now be monitored

LDAP Service Checks