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CreditCall Monitoring Case Study


  • CreditCall provides payment gateway services for chip cards and magnetic stripe cards through a number of channels – from online and mobile, to attended and unattended environments
  • Their technology provides a flexible range of payment options and works across many industries including parking, vending, ticketing and retail in the UK, US, Canada and Europe

The Need For IT Monitoring

  • Their existing system was outdated and extra functionality with fully distributed monitoring was required for 200 servers and other equipment distributed across locations in the UK and North America
  • Needed a monitoring system which offered a consolidated and consistent view across their entire IT estate and would offer a streamlined integration with a 3rd party help-desk system

Why Opsview Worked As A Solution

  • Competitive pricing combined with flexible reporting, dashboards, comprehensive support and the option of professional services made it the ideal solution to enhance monitoring capabilities
  • Distributed monitoring has allowed them to have a single, unified view over remote servers, equipment and networks - all from one primary location
  • They are now able to provide senior management with reports and performance visibility of their business critical systems 

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