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CreditCall Monitoring Case Study

CreditCall is an award-winning company that provides payment gateway services for chip cards and magnetic stripe cards through a number of channels – from online and mobile, to attended and unattended environments. CreditCall’s technology provides a flexible range of payment options and works across many industries including parking, vending, ticketing and retail in the UK, US, Canada and Europe. The company also develops and certifies software for Chip & PIN and Chip & Signature terminals that are deployed worldwide.

The Need For Opsview

CreditCall is well known in the payments industry for the availability and reliability of its technology and platform. Home-grown proactive monitoring systems enabled the company to monitor the overall availability of their IT infrastructure and business services. However maintaining this collection of monitoring systems became a challenge as CreditCall scaled its operations. Their existing Nagios system was outdated and extra functionality with fully distributed monitoring was required for 200 servers and other equipment distributed across locations in the UK and North America. They therefore needed a monitoring system which offered a consolidated and consistent view across their entire IT estate and which would offer a streamlined integration with a 3rd party help-desk system.

Why Opsview?

After re-assessing Nagios and performing extensive research and evaluating various other monitoring solutions such as Solarwinds, Opsview was chosen as CreditCall’s preferred monitoring platform.

Opsview’s competitive pricing combined with flexible reporting, dashboards, comprehensive support and the option of professional services made it the ideal solution to enhance monitoring capabilities within CreditCall.

Deployment and Result

CreditCall initially installed Opsview’s open-source software and took out a free trial of Opsview Pro to test out Opsview’s more advanced features. After assessing both, CreditCall decided to go with the feature-rich monitoring functionality provided by an Opsview Enterprise subscription.

Additionally, to ensure the setup and configuration went smoothly, CreditCall invested in Opsview’s professional services to help with the migration from Opsview Core to Opsview Enterprise.

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