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Harnessing the Power of Plugins

On Demand

Harnessing the Power of IT Monitoring Plugins

With the plethora of plugins available for Opsview Monitor, finding and installing the right one can become confusing. In this webinar, you'll learn exactly what a plugin is, how to easily install it and start using all the benefits of it in Opsview Monitor. Not only that, but you'll see some of the most popular plugins that Opsview Monitor users take advantage of the most. With native Nagios compatability, we'll even discuss some of the best Nagios plugins that are easily migrated into Opsview Monitor.

Join the webinar to see:

  • What monitoring plugins are, a brief history and description of how they are found or coded
  • The responses of a monitoring plugin: OK, Warning, Critical and Unknown returns and performance data
  • How plugins are used in Opsview Monitor Service checks
  • The most popular and advantageous plugins available in the Opsview Monitor community

Just watch the on demand webinar above! 

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