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System Administrator Solution Briefs

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Optimize Ruthlessly
Almost nothing (kittens and chocolate ice cream being the only known exceptions) is good from the very start.
Be Excellent in Crisis
Treating failure as inevitable provides a basis for engineering robust, high-performance solutions. 
Be Proactive, Not Reactive
Fun fact: most IT outages happen because someone screwed up a config.
Boost Signal - Reject Noise
IT complexities can be distracting. Don't let losing focus of what's important become fatal. 
Explore metrics and continue to evolve
Are you and your team living in a 2015-world? Be an IT Hero and propose disruptive upgrades to the process.
IT Hero Solution Brief #1
Eliminating manual toil using tools like Ansible, Puppet, Chef or Terraform is one of the best resource investments IT Hero/ines and their teams can...