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Android Push Notifications

Requires Opsview Cloud or Opsview Monitor 6.4
Opsview Supported

Android Push Notifications

To enable Push Notifications:

  1. You must set a valid Username and password in the app in order for it to be able to register itself with Opsview Monitor's push servers. You also need a valid username and password in the Opsview Monitor 'Push Notifications for Android Mobile' settings fields (pictured above) so that the Opsview Monitor server can send outgoing push notifications. These two accounts do not need to be the same and you can use a generic account for your Opsview Monitor notification method.
  2. Your Android device must be able to do a one-time connect to your Opsview Master server in order to retrieve it's UUID for registration of the device on
  3. Your Android device must be able to connect to via HTTPS

To configure the 'Push for Android' Notification Method, you only need to enter two items of information; the Username and password. After clicking 'Test Connection', you should see one of the two messages below:

Correct Username and password

If the Opsview Monitor system does not have direct access to the internet, you can specify a Proxy in the text box labelled 'Proxy:' and re-test the connection. Once the connection succeeds, that is the configuration completed.