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Slack Monitoring Notifications

Requires Opsview Cloud or Opsview Monitor 6.4
Opsview Supported

Slack Monitoring Integration Setup

This sends alerts into a Slack room, for example: #support.

Slack is a 'chat room', that allows teams of Users to collaborate over the internet. The value-add over a chatroom is that Slack allows 'inbound integrations' from various tools such as Opsview. This means that an 'Operations team' can have a chat room, where alerts from Opsview are sent - they can discuss and view Notifications in the same forum - as opposed to a standalone email.
Users need to setup an account on Slack and follow the steps below to activate it on the Opsview system.

  • First, in Opsview, activate the method by setting it to 'Enable', click 'Submit Changes' and go to Configuration > Apply Changes to make this change available to the Users screen.

Opsview Slack Notification Method

  • Go to and sign up, if you do not already have an account. it will take you through the basic setup process of creating teams and rooms.
  • Once the setup is finished, log in and click on Integrations on the left-hand side. Then click on 'Make your own' which will take you down to the bottom of the screen.

Add Slack as an Integration

  • After clicking 'Or, make your own!' click on the 'View button next to 'Incoming WebHooks':

Incoming Webhooks Window

  • Within the 'Incoming WebHooks' window, select the channel you wish to send Opsview Notifications into. In our example, we are going to send Notifications into the #support slack channel:

Add Incoming Webhooks Integration

  • Once you have selected a channel, simply click on the 'Add Incoming WebHooks Integration' and your new WebHook is created:

Webhook has been created

  • Now that we have our WebHook, we can configure the Slack Notification Method :

Configure Slack Notification Method

The 'WebHook URL' is visible in the screen above, and the 'Channel' was set during the creation of the WebHook; i.e. #support.

A Notification Profile that uses the 'Slack' Notification Method must be configured. This is covered in Section 'Notification Profiles'.

Once the Notification Profile is configured, Notifications should start arriving in the #support Slack room:

Notifications arriving in Slack