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Opsview Customer Success
By Megan Woodhall, Marketing Assistant
With Opsview's customer support, what we do and say will have a lasting impact on the success of our customers' monitoring projects and on their...
International Women's Day
By Shannen Connors, Talent and Engagement Coordinator
We sat down with Opsview’s female VPs to hear their views and observations about being powerful females working in the IT industry.
By Owen Jenkins, Technical Intern
Rediscover the fun of letting yourself follow the recipe and make yourself, and those around you, happier along the way.
By Megan Woodhall, Marketing Assistant
Salesforce is renowned throughout the world for the community spirit amongst its user base; what Salesforce call the ‘Ohana’.
Women Working in Technology
By Vicki Taplin, VP People
Last Thursday, a salubrious group of women gathered for our second WWIT meetup at the achingly stylish Reading offices of recruitment firm Stott...
Women in technology
By Vicki Taplin, VP People
How Opsview is working with partners to promote women in technology - a notoriously male dominated industry.
Getting Paid to Sleep
By Opsview Team, Administrator
Opsview Product Strategist Bill Bauman & Pre-Sales Engineer Josh Kirkwood lead an interactive discussion and
AWS solution architect
By Josh Kirkwood, Pre-Sales Engineer
At Opsview we have an interest in making sure we understand our customer’s environments as best as possible.
Atomic Data
By Samuil Velichkov, Customer Success Engineer
An interview with one of our Technical Interns here at Opsview. 
By Freya Ballan Whitfield, Digital Marketing Executive
What's it like to work at Opsview? Our CEO, Michael Walton, gives an insight into Opsview- the company and the product.
By Freya Ballan Whitfield, Digital Marketing Executive
Rajan tells us how he found out about Opsview and what it's like to be the first graduate into the Customer Success Team.
By Freya Ballan Whitfield, Digital Marketing Executive
Rob tells us a bit about his experience as a technical intern here at Opsview.