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What to do when IT Alerts Fail

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What to Do When IT Alerts Fail

Amazing solutions exist today for IT monitoring. These tools empower IT teams with unprecedented and timely knowledge of what is happening across their IT environments.

And yet, when it comes time to ACT on that information most companies today rely on archaic, failure-prone technologies like email and SMS. Outbound only, these notifications lack the round-trip feedback that assures timely response to critical alerts, which can cause critical application outages. And at an average of $74,000 an hour for the cost of downtime, outages can be very costly to the business.

Opsview and OnPage have partnered to provide the industry’s most advanced combination of IT Monitoring and Priority IT Alerting. You'll hear directly from two of the leaders in IT Monitoring & Management and see how to minimize the impact of issues and exceed your SLAs.

Topics of discussion Include:

  • The high costs of “lost” notifications
  • Why relying on SMS and Email is a huge risk
  • How Opsview makes monitoring easy
  • OnPage: Round-Trip Priority Alerting – leading edge critical IT Alerting
  • A live demonstration of the power of Opsview and OnPage working together 

Just watch the on demand webinar above! 

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